Utica is the Real Deal!

After Uticas previous win against Ford high school everyone was expecting a one and done with Utica. Going into the game against Anchor Bay, Utica was expected to lose by 13 points to the (2-1) Anchor Bay team at the time.

The game from the start was going to be a back and forth battle between the two teams. Over the past few years every Anchor Bay game has been down to the wire coming down to a one score win. Last years homecoming victory over Anchor Bay made them come out ready for revenge on their devastating loss from the previous year.  

Utica being expected to take a loss in most predictions wanted to continue to prove something.
Senior Antonio Carter said it best “we got nothing to lose, but something to prove”.

Going in early in the game Utica showed up with early rushing touchdown from junior Kavon Higdon. Both teams being pretty equal it was a back forth touchdown battle. Utica went into halftime down by a touchdown.  

At the start of the second half Utica came out with fire. They continued to push on offense by hitting senior Dominick Cariera on  a deep pass for a touchdown. Near the end of the game senior Nathan Ayers intercepted a screen pass for a touchdown putting Utica ahead.

Junior Elijah Huyghe said “When we scored I believed we could win the game, I was excited”.  
In the final minutes of the game Utica down by a touchdown drove down the field and gave the ball again to Ayers for another rushing touchdown.

The most exciting part of the game was the coach’s decision to go for the win on a two point conversion which was a completed pass to senior Dylan Scott to win the game.

Senior Patrick O’Connor said “It was a big win, and very exciting”.

The final score of the game was 35-34 Utica. The game was a huge confidence booster for the chieftains and everyone awaits the good things that are coming for the chieftains.