Another year of SSP


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Starting off a new year at a new school can be challenging to many sophomores. The senior sophomore program can help sophomores get more adjusted to the school by making new friends and getting to know the seniors. Some senior mentors did SSP sophomore year, and wanted to help the sophomores get welcomed to the school, just like the seniors did for them before.

“I was in it as a sophomore and I really enjoyed the memories I made and the relationships i made.” senior Zack Arafat said.

The seniors main goal for doing SSP is to get the new sophomores well adjusted to Utica. In The Senior Sophomore Program the seniors set up fun games to play every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the sophomores to get to know each other better.

“I came from Eppler and were a really tight knit school so i wanted to break out of my friend group and meet new people” sophomore Katie O’Connor said.

SSP is something for sophomores to look forward to a couple times a week to take their mind off the stress of school. At the end of every year there’s a chance for all the incoming seniors to try out and be an SSP mentor so that they can help the new sophomores too.

“I think it would be fun to do fun games with the sophomores and it would be fun to get to know everyone better.” sophomore Lindsey Michol said.

Many of the sophomores who do SSP sophomore year want to continue on with it senior year. At the end of every year, all of the lunches come together to have a big picnic and play games together.