Early premiere of Ouija: Origin of Evil

Early premiere of Ouija: Origin of Evil

Horror movies have the ability to turn anything scary. A sweet little girl is suddenly transformed into a frightening demon and a nice house is filled with traps and shadowed figures.

With Halloween just around the corner Ouija: Origin of Evil will be released on October 21. The movie creates a new level of horror. Walking into the theater for the early premiere, I scanned the seats that were packed with faces filled with anticipation and fear. The trailer teased the audience with a hint of horror that had them lining up for tickets.

The room was silenced as the title screen flashed on the screen. The eerie setting of the first scene sent shivers down my spine.

Through trembling fingers over my eyes, I watched through all the jump scares and horrifying scenes. The crowd collectively jumped as the young girl jumped onto the wall and chased her sister.

Instead of creating a sequel of the first movie, the creators made it a prequel.The plot reveals connections and builds a history for the first movie.

Even though I was almost scared to death, I couldn’t get enough. It was the perfect amount of thrilling that will make you think about it when you close your eyes. Go see the movie in a theater near you… if you dare.