My Battle With Barbecue Sauce

My Battle With Barbecue Sauce

All the way from the color to the taste, barbecue sauce is my least favorite thing. There are so many things to hate about it, like the smell, which is just as bad as the taste in my opinion.

I can’t eat it, or even be near it. My friends think that I’m weird or over exaggerating, but I actually hate it so much that I can feel my anxiety go up when I am near it.

Hating a sauce this much has impacted my life in so many ways. I can’t enjoy places like Buffalo Wild Wings , which I wish I could because they have awesome food that has no barbecue sauce, but I just can’t stand the smell in there. I can’t sit next to people eating it, which is not an easy situation at a restaurant.

It’s really difficult when I’m forced to be near it. While at restaurants, it’s pretty much all I can smell. Most of the time I will just lose my appetite and be ready to leave as soon as possible.

I don’t exactly know why I started to hate it so much. I think it has to do with fact that my dad puts it on literally everything, even mac and cheese, and that’s disgusting. Talk about ruining my favorite food. Due to the fact that he eats it on everything and because I’m always around it, the smell makes me disgusted by just the thought of it.

I don’t know how a sauce with vinegar and onion pepper can taste good. The ingredients just don’t sound good alone and especially not together.

I’ve actually had some bad experiences with barbecue sauce that, to me, are traumatizing. My friends like to purposely put it near me or on my food when I’m not looking. They will order it when we are out just to bug me. Getting it on my hands is a whole other story, it makes me freak out like crazy. I once didn’t use a dollar I needed because my dad some how got barbecue sauce on it.

I might be a little extreme and weird but I really hate barbecue sauce. I can pretty much guarantee I will never like barbecue sauce.