New iPhone models meet new software: iOS7

Apple is known for their well designed products: phones, tablets, iPods, monitors, even headphones. The iPhone has been popular since its launch in 2007. The simple, sleek looking phone has since become popular worldwide.

The iPhone 5C is a new model made out of a plastic, which is a cheaper material than on the previous iPhones. The 5C comes in numerous colors and combinations. Even the case that can be purchased comes in multiple colors.

The 5C comes in a light tinted blue, pink, green, yellow and white. The cases are the same colors, except the case is also available in black. iPhone 5C has everything that made the iPhone 5 revolutionary, including the new iOS 7 system.

The iPhone 5C can be customized for all personal needs, whether it would be the home screen, lock screen, or even additional tools in the settings.
“I got the 5c because it was much more advanced and faster then my old phone,” junior Juliana Arcori said. “I went with the 5c also because I heard it was more durable than most phones.”

Released soon after, the 5S added a fingerprint scanner that reads only your finger print by memorizing your exact ridges and then matching it to gain access. The boxed designed home button was replaced with a clean texture.

“The slow motion and finger print scanner is what interested me most in the 5s,” junior Logan McAnsh said. “It’s probably the best iPhone to date.”

The A7 chip is designed around 64-bit architecture. The A7 chip makes the iPhone 5S twice as fast than the previous generations in CPU and graphics performance.

Not only that, but it has an all new image signal processor and supports OpenGL ES 3.0. This enables visual effects that were once only possible on computers and gaming consoles.

It also has the new M7 coprocessor. The M7 was designed for the 5S to make it even more efficient than the last. Many may wonder what its purpose serves. Well, it offloads work from the A7 chip by collecting motion data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. This allows apps to use the data without constantly engaging the A7.

Apple’s iPhone 5S will be available in three new colors: space gray, gold or silver. This new version’s base is white but the bumpers and off-buttons will be one of the new colors.