New writing center provides advice and tutoring for students


As the time ticks slowly away, and essays haven’t been completed yet, students begin to fear for the worst. Writing is difficult when under pressure. To help anyone with “essay anxiety,” English teachers Kelly Bronski and Taryn Larson have founded a tutor-based club called the Writing Center.

“We just wanted to give assistance to the students,” Larson said. “The tutoring will take place during lunch.”

The Writing Center will be modeled from the writing center at Oakland University, with student tutors helping fellow students and classmates with homework and projects. For student tutors, it’s a great opportunity to obtain service hours for their senior project or NHS hours.

The center was first proposed in late June 2016, and application were available from either adviser.

“I think it’s very important to give kids a tool to better themselves in school,” senior Julia Candela said. “It also gives
the peer editors a chance to develop their editing skills, while helping fix their own papers, as well.”

Students hope papers will be revised with a fresh pair of eyes, correcting mistakes and helping edit content.

“It’s something we tried starting before,” principal Tom Lietz said. “Before it was after school, which was challenging for students with jobs and sports. I’m super stoked to have it this year during lunch.”

The process to becoming a tutor involved questions such as, “How would you help a discouraged student?” and “How are you qualified to be a tutor?”

With plans to expand the tutoring to after school once it gets enough participants, the teachers’ vision is coming to fruition.

“Every kid has a lunch,” Lietz said, “so everyone can work on writing.”

Students struggling with writing can get information about the writing center through a link on the school’s website, and use Sign Up Genius to book a tutoring session.