Student advisory board meets with principal, travels to MISD

With the new year a quarter of the way done, principal Thomas Lietz wants the students get more involved with what is working, and what isn’t, for the school. He decided to make a Student Advisory Board (SAB).
“I chose students who I thought would tell me the truth,” Lietz said. “I want to hear the voices and honest opinions about our school.”
The purpose of the SAB is to allow students to make decisions on what should happen during the school days, and what events should continue happening.
“I made the student board by balancing genders and ethnic groups,” Lietz said.
Lietz hopes the new board will help create new ideas on how to make the school a better environment for the students.
“The reason why we don’t do the teachers vs students basketball games or powder puff games anymore is because no one signs up,” Lietz said. “One of the goals is to find ways students will want to get involved, so we can keep the traditions.”
The board has already had a couple meetings to get new ideas created and have the members get to know each other.
On Tuesday, Nov. 29, eight students traveled to the Macomb Intermediate School District to discuss how the schools can keep the diversity and get everyone to be involved.
“I had never heard of SAB before,” senior Lauren Brohl said. “I’m glad I can be a part of it to try and bring new ideas to the school.”
After a few meetings, the board has already created ideas for the rest of the year, such as sharing information about classes before scheduling.
Some of these changes will not be enforced until next school year, such as more fundraisers where there are more events for the students.
“My main goal for this year is to bring back cultural diversity to the school,” senior Danielle Kaschalk said.
Lietz plans to hold a meeting before Christmas break. This will allow them to plan for the start of 2017. With SAB comes hope for changes and new editions that will hopefully benefit and improve the school.