Whose talent is it, anyway?

The annual talent show will take place Nov. 22 at 6:30 p.m. in the Arthur Harper auditorium. Tickets are $5 at the door.

Every year many talented students blow minds, wow judges, and win prizes. Acts have ranged from rock bands and solo singers to dancers and magicians. Whether a sophomore, junior, or senior, there are many enjoyable acts.

Each year the advanced theatre class, who produce the show, choose a theme. This year, the  theme is “Whose Talent is It, Anyway?,” a play-off of the popular television show, “Whose Line is It, Anyway?” The show is known for its entertaining hosts as well as the fun games and participation with the audience.

According to junior Keaton Barbes, the acts of the show do not have to follow the theme.

“We plan on choosing random audience member and playing acting or improvisation games with them,” Barbes said. “It’s always funny because they’re never expecting it.”

Previous talent shows have been successful. According to junior Victoria Strong, it’s not just the acts the act make for a great show.

“The energy from the MC’s is what gets the audience pumped up for the show,” Strong said. “The short skits and games they have planned between acts was a great idea.”

According to junior Emily Cortes, teacher Steve Domke, student teacher Richard Yoon, and Administrative Intern Ken Voakes will be the judges.

Awards include most entertaining, most unique, best voice, most likely to make it big, and an audience choice in which the audience texts their vote to decide the winner. Each award comes with a $25 prize.

“Yes, the talent show is always great,” junior Jacob Feeman said, “but with the variety in talent we have, we plan to blow last year’s production out of the water.”