Vandals of Utica

On Jan. 24 during the morning announcements, Utica Principal Tom Lietz brought up a sudden and serious matter: destruction of property.

Recently in one of the bathrooms, a toilet seat was completely destroyed.

“I don’t understand how someone would want to touch a toilet seat with their bare hands,” senior Kaci Watt said.

Problems didn’t just stop with toilet seats. As the week went on, one of the windows leading toward the auditorium was cracked by a group of mischievous students who sent spider web-like cracks across the window.

New Security Specialist John Perry, along with associate principals Pete Paulon and Jeremy Kranzo, are doing everything they can to keep our school safe. From the parking lots to the bathrooms, they plan on figuring out why this sudden outburst of vandalism is happening, as well as stopping it.

“First we figure out who did it,” Paulon said, “and then we figure out why they did.”

Since the announcement, there haven’t been any more issues or problems. Staff and students have been asked to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior, as they follow the same protocol that has been around for some time now. They will lock certain bathrooms that are not observed too often and ask students to report to staff when there is an issue.