Bowling team continues to strike


Both the girls and boys bowling teams have been having a superb season so far. After a disappointing season last year, the boys bowling team have bounced back for a stellar season. As the regular season winds down, both varsity teams are headed to tri-county.

Tri-county is a huge deal for the bowlers. “I’m very excited to compete,” sophomore Austin Mancini said. “I love bowling and it’s a really fun experience”.

Last year, the boys bowling team had a disappointing record as they went 2-5. Their were talks about whether or not the team should be moved down to the MAC White division. After the coach, Ron Young, convinced the committee out of it, the team has played with great spirit this year, and has earned the right to stay in the MAC Red division.

Along with the boys bowling team, the girls have been having a superb season as well. On Feb. 24th, the team heads to regionals. “I love everything about bowling,” senior Alexis Jankowiak said. “The experience I’ve had with this sport has been great.”

Alexis Jankowiak has been playing for 8 years and is the captain of the girls bowling team.

After a successful season, both teams look forward to the postseason.