Students attend academic fairs to learn about AP, elective courses


Students tour the media center to gather information about classes offered. AP class information was available Thursday, while elective classes were featured Friday.

It’s the week before mid-winter break and its the week of the academic fairs. The fairs are presentations by students to help sophomores and juniors help decide what classes they want to take in their next year of high school. The fairs are for students picking AP classes and many elective classes. Going to these presentations during lunch is very beneficial for students who have interest in a certain class or subject but need more information about it.

“I went to the fair for AP English,” sophomore Angelo Zeolla said. “and it really helped me to learn about the class more and will definitely help me make my decision making on my schedule for next year.”

This is the first year the school has ever held these fairs and they seem to be doing pretty good and are being very beneficial to students.

“I really liked the so called fairs,” sophomore Kendall Avis said. “I think going will really help me in deciding whether to get involved in AP courses or not.”

It wasn’t only teachers at the fairs, though. Some students were also there to provide some extra help.

“The teachers were also a really big help,” sophomore Gavin Fromm said. “Without the teachers there, I feel like it wouldn’t be that beneficial because they have a lot of experience and have better advice then some of the seniors.”