Key Club and NHS host blood drive

Key Club and NHS host blood drive

Utica bleeds orange and black, but donates red.

On Feb. 9 the Red Cross traveled to Utica High their annual blood drive. With the help of National Honor Society and Key Club, the Red Cross set up their donation station in the auxiliary gym from 7:30am-3:00pm.

Anyone 17 or older was encouraged to donate and help save some lives. Data shows that for every one person that donates, they provide enough blood to save three people.

Blood drives have other benefits, as well. They can also help cleanse your system, help you figure out what blood type you are, and see if you have any abnormalities in your body.

“I am going to donate blood out of the kindness of my heart, to figure out what blood type I am,” senior Alex Mittag said, “and, of course, so I can get out of class for a little bit.”

Currently, blood drives aren’t as common as they use to be, leaving a shortage. Organizations like the Red Cross depend on schools like Utica, local hospitals, and other businesses to help them out.