Utica Ice Festival


Every year during February, downtown Utica holds an ice festival. This year’s fest was on Feb. 10-12. On Friday, ice was carved into sculptures with many different designs.

Chris Esmont
The Utica Unicorn’s mascot, Lancelot, was a featured ice sculpture in front of the Utica library.

However, this year, students from Eisenhower High School carved some ice sculptures. The students carved the sculptures from Friday morning to Friday afternoon.

“The wolf by the Cass Bar was my favorite out of all of them,” sophomore Hannah Piasecki said. “It was my first time going to the ice festival, because it usually falls around on a bad time.”

There was face painting from 3-9 p.m on Saturday night and 11-4 on Sunday at the City Hall warming center. There was a fireworks show throughout the city at Memorial Park at 8:20 pm.

During the Utica Ice Festival, the Utica library had a book sale on Saturday and Sunday.

While walking down Cass and Auburn, people could enjoy looking at the different sculptures and the old buildings.

“Lancelot was my favorite sculpture,” teacher Craig Smale said. “It was my first time going to the ice festival, and I would definitely go again.”