‘Chillin’ over winter break


Mid winter break is a luxury that only a few school districts in Michigan share.

Trading an extra day or two during the holiday break for a week during February allows students to escape the cold for more of a tropical location.

“We are going to Florida for mid winter break,” junior Anna Sue Nichol said. “I think it will be fun and amazing to get out of the cold.”

Others use the break to visit local skiing hills, such as Pine Knob and Mt. Holly. Bowling in the local area is always available for a good time at Shelby or Imperial Lanes.

“For mid winter break I’m going ice skating and to the movies, bowling with friends and sleeping over at friends’ houses,” junior Mackenzie Staller said. “It will be a lot of fun.”

Mid winter break is also a way to let off steam from recent exams in January. Mid winter break also allows time to visit with family.

“Last year I visited my aunt,” sophomore Alek Beyer said. “We went to a traditional meet up that involves lots of family and food.”

Mid winter break is the time to go out of the state or to just go have fun, or to get away from the coldness of winter. Mid winter break is a time for leisure activities.

Some students may opt for a week of work, as having more time to work a schedule amounts to more money. Visiting the mall is also a popular activity, as well as hitting the gym to get ready for spring break.

Staying healthy is key to staying fit to get ready for spring break, working out for that perfect figure. Some students go to Planet Fitness or L.A. Fitness, or stay after school and work out for a couple hours with their friends or sport team.

Afer mid winter break, the next big vacation is spring break in April, where many students are heading to cruise ships or catching some pre summer rays anywhere they can.

Mid winter break is cherished by all in Utica Community Schools, while other high schools across Michigan face the cold.