Vaping. Teens have taken the harmful trend too far.

Vaping. Teens have taken the harmful trend too far.

In the last few years, vaping has become immensely popular. Coming to a generation where cigarettes are highly campaigned against, it allowed youth to find a new outlet for their smoking habits.

The typical vape pen contains liquid which is then puffed out as smoke. Contrary to popular belief, vaping is just as harmful as cigarettes.

The liquid, available in various flavors, is marketed to appeal to youth, available in flavors such as blue raspberry or ice cream.

While the flavored liquids drive the appeal of vape pens, they also contain harmful unregulated chemicals. Beside the damage caused from the Nicotine, THC oil, Cloud 9 or K2 spice, the unknown chemicals, including diacetyl, are what truly can cause the most damage to the individual.

Due to its youthful partakers, vaping has become a widespread problem in schools throughout the country. Suspensions frequently occur from the use of pens in places such as the classroom, lunchroom, and bathroom.

Most schools treat these instances as if a child was in possession of drug paraphernalia, because the contents of vape juice are unknown unless tested. Testing this liquid would be too time consuming, therefore the worst is expected.

Vaping has many harmful side effects, as well, such as hallucinations, dilated pupils, heart palpitations and creating lethargy.

Just as smoking cigarettes for a prolonged time period can, it can lead to something as damaging as lung cancer.

What most vapers do not understand is just as with cigarettes, vape pens create harmful second hand smoke just the same.

Those who are frequently subjected to second hand vape are at risk for developing illnesses such as respiratory infections or even lung cancer. Students should not be so accepting of vapers who are exposing others.

Many who vape feel they have the right to do so basically anywhere because not all contain nicotine like cigarettes. However, vaping still counts as smoking, which is not legal to do inside of a public place.

As it becomes more popular, it seems to be more easy for minors to access. There are countless onling vape shops that sell pens and everything you would need. Also, you can purchase them virtually anywhere where one would purchase cigarettes. The main problem here is if a minor looks older than they really are, many distributors do not check I.D.’s.

Adding to the fuel vaping tends to be glorified on social media, which contributes to its appeal to youth. Throughout the various social media platforms, videos of individuals doing “tricks” such as smoke rings can be seen.

This can be added up to equal that most teens are only vaping to appear cool or trendy to their peers. Which leads to more and more teens partaking for all the wrong reasons.

Unfortunately, vaping has now become a health and wellness crisis for all, just as cigarettes are.