New teacher Amanda Marino welcomed to the U


After Christine Dabrowski’s sudden departure, there were many questions about who her successor would be. After a week of confusion, on March 13, students walked into class to meet their new teacher, Amanda Marino.

Marino graduated from Grand Valley State, where she majored in English and Spanish. Marino student-taught at Ford, where she taught speech to 9th graders. This is her first official teaching job where she is teaching 12th grade English.

“She’s a very cool person,” senior Ethan Cartwright said. “Marino will be such a great help to us.”

She studied abroad in Mexico and also went to a performing arts school over in California. She enjoys singing. She also takes part in Olympic lifting competitions. Marino is currently training for her next competition.

Marino was approached about her new teaching job when she was in Florida. She didn’t need a interview and accepted the job with no hesitation.

“I was very happy about the job offer,” Marino said. “I’m very excited about my opportunity to be here at Utica.”

“Marino has a good personality,” senior Chris Suszynski said. “I think she’ll fit in well here at Utica.”

Marino has received a warm welcome from Utica students.

“I am much more comfortable than I thought I would be jumping in this late in the school year with some pretty big shoes to fill,” Marino said.

Many students agreed that they are excited to welcome the new teacher and see what she has to offer.

“She is an awesome teacher with a lot of interesting and unique stories to share,” senior Carlos Galindo said.