Breaking News: Spring is here!

Spring break is often a highly anticipated week-long hiatus from school that allows students to enjoy time away from homework and stress. There are many different approaches students take to spring break. Some students take time to study, while others take the time to forget about school. Whatever a student’s approach to spring break is, there are many students whose actual plans differ from what they really want to do.

“My dream spring break would be spent in New York City seeing a few Broadway shows,” sophomore Mackenzie Robertson said.

Spring break will begin April 3 and school will resume a week later, on April 10.

School can be very stressful for some students. Even if the responsibilities of education are not weighing heavily on a student, an intermission can be helpful for many, if not all, students. Many students need time away from school to get back the energy lost during school weeks and recharge.

“I’m looking forward to spring break,” senior Kevin Pengili said, “because it gets me out of school and gives me time to myself to be lazy.”

Though spring break offers time off from school, there’s no guarantee for students to be able to do what they want. However, they do have ideas of what they’d like to do if they could.

“My dream spring break would be going to some forest-y area for a camping trip. I’ve never done that before,” Pengili said.

Nature tends to gain focus during spring due to the changing weather.

“I’d probably go into the woods and take more pictures with my camera and have a good time with my friends,” sophomore Madison Rutan said.

It’s not unusual for students to travel out-of-state for spring break.

“I’ll probably go down to Ohio and buy a whole bunch of new books,” Rutan said.

Some students will be spending quality time with family and friends.

“My brother’s birthday is over break,” Pengili said.

Though time is running out to plan activities for spring break, many students are still unsure of their plans.

“Nothing’s really set in stone.” Pengili said.  “I’ll probably have to watch my sister, who’s three.”

The stereotypical vacation to a warm destination isn’t a hit for everyone.

“I’m not really into the whole tropical vacation thing,” Robertson said. “They’re nice, but not my favorite.”

Movie theaters in the area may be packed with students who have stayed home rather than going on vacation, especially with highly anticipated movie releases.

“The one thing I’m looking forward to over spring break is the opportunity to go see Beauty and the Beast,” Robertson said. “Emma Watson is going to be amazing as Belle and Josh Gad will be too, as Lefou.”

There was a Spring Break Spirit Week that took place the week before break occurred. Monday was “Beach Bums” day, so some students wore their pajamas to school.

“The spirit days so far have been okay,” Robertson said. “PJ Day is my personal favorite because I don’t particularly have to try to look good, as the point is to dress down.”

There wasn’t much publicity for Spirit Week; the daily themes were only posted on the Student Council Twitter, which made it difficult for some students to be aware of the upcoming events and participate.

Tuesday was “Tacky Tourist” day where people tried to dress like stereotypical tourists. Wednesday was “Workout Wednesday”, where people wore athletic clothing. Thursday was “March Madness” day and people wore basketball jerseys of the team they were rooting for to win March Madness. Friday, the last day of Spirit Week, was “Neon Out”.

“The rest of the spirit days are meh,” Robertson said. “I’m pretty excited for Neon Out. I have a pretty cool outfit planned for that.”

Regardless of what is planned, it could be said that many students will have a great time over spring break.