Promposals take over as dance approaches

Prom season is coming up quickly and students are desperately trying to find dates. People usually go to the dance either as a couple, or they bring a date. When someone asks a date to go he usually tries to do it in a romantic or special way. For most, the guy has to think of something clever or special that connects with the girl he’s asking.

Since prom is right around the corner, these proposals are becoming more common.

“I think the proposals are actually pretty awesome,” senior Zack Arafat said. “It’s cool to see people bonding and being happy.”

Though these proposals can be considered heart-warming or cute, they can end up being very pricey, especially if someone has to buy all the props and other things on their own.

“I think some of the promprosals are very cool,” senior Patrick O’Connor said, “but if the girls says no or if it’s too extra, I look at it as a waste of money.”

There are all kinds of different opinions on “promposals”, but opinions are divided between if the “promposals” are really cute or ridiculous.

“Personally I think that smaller proposals are the good ones,” senior Leah Wylie said, “but the really big ones are really cheesy and a waste of money.”