The Chieftains said goodbye to long-time coach Gerry Kraemer and welcomed Dave

Hinkle, who has been a part of the program for 14 years. The JV coach for six years
and the varsity assistant for eight years, Hinkle has been a big part of the program’s
success in past years and hopes to continue that success in his new position.

He has always admired the Michigan State basketball program and attended
a basketball camp at University of Michigan back when he was a player. Hinkle
used to play high school basketball at Chippewa Valley High School.

This season, the varsity basketball team has been moved up from the MAC
blue division to the MAC white division, presenting the team with a new challenge.

“I’m very happy for Hinkle,” senior Omaure Miller said. “He has been in the
program for a while; he’s going to take the program to new heights.”

The entire community is excited to see the new changes to the program
and how the transition in coaching will go down.

“I’m excited for both Hinkle and Kraemer,” principal Tom Lietz said.

“I believe Hinkle is ready, he knows what the team needs, and I’m confident
he has the ability to do good for the program.”

Hinkle’s competitive edge will likely benefit the team. He is a calm
coach, but competes like no other.

“He is competitive and makes everyone work hard,” senior Zach
Arafat said.

It is going to be a new experience having someone who has been
coaching for so long leave.

The fact that Hinkle has been so close
to Kraemer for all these years of coaching, however, will lead to a
smooth transition for the team.

Hinkle has really worked to make his way up in the program. Throughout the seasons,
he’s helped the team make several playoff appearances and even achieve a MAC white

Hinkle is looking forward to becoming more than a basketball coach.

“I can’t wait to be more then just basketball coach to the kids,” Hinkle said, “and
teach them about life.”

The returning seniors and juniors are excited to learn from a new and familiar

“Hinkle is going to bring a new spark and voice to this team,” senior Patrick
O’Connor said.

Hinkle has a great challenge ahead of him. After two winning seasons in the

MAC blue, the team has been brought up to the MAC white, the second
toughest division in the MAC.

“The MAC white division is a balanced division,” Hinkle said, “and
every game will be hard fought.”

Every year, Hinkle’s coaching style is based on the team that is in
front of him. This year Hinkle is preaching very aggressive defensive

Losing a lot of scoring talent last year, Hinkle is relying on his
experienced seniors and juniors to step up for the new era of basketball.

The team is ready for a great season and hopefully a MAC
white championship.

The team could eventually make the leap to the MAC Red
division, the toughest division in the MAC.