How do today’s cartoons compare to those of our childhood?

Cartoons have been around for ages, leaving people a lot of childhood memories. While many remember all of the good animation and the art itself from the past, it’s not the same to some people anymore.

Cartoons are a way to entertain children, and some of today’s cartoons are not something that viewers are enjoying like they used to as kids. That’s what the creators, producers of the shows and companies such as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Disney aim for.

Some viewers today complain about how bad the animation is, the plot of the series, and the lack of humor with some shows.

“In my opinion, the older cartoons were fun and interesting,” senior Victoria Lang said. “Now these new ones are just dumb and cheesy.”

I’m in the grey area for my opinion about today’s cartoons, there are some shows I wouldn’t mind watching, and some not so much.

The opinion that some viewers would say as well would be that companies such as Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon, etc; would usually repeat their shows with the same episodes. The audience would have to wait almost a few weeks just for only one new episode of a show that they watch.

Shows like “Teen Titans Go,” “Clarence,” “Uncle Grandpa,” “Sanjay and Craig” are the most shows with complaints on Cartoon Network.

Viewers don’t seem to appreciate the lack of animation, the quality and how cheesy it’s gotten ever since it first aired on television. At first, fans of the old animated show “Teen Titans” thought that the show was making a comeback in 2013 after it was cancel back in 2006. A big disappointment was brought on to some viewers when they saw the first episode.

“I thought a lot of cartoons were much better in the past,” senior Alexandra Corneau said. “Today’s cartoons seem to be running out of material.”

Today’s cartoons are nothing like the classics, fun with humor cartoons that used to be on Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon, etc; such as “Tom and Jerry,” “Rugrats,” “Phineas and Ferb,” “Dexter’s Laboratory,” the listgoes on and on.

There are some cartoons that teens and adults can watch together, as well, whether it’s cartoons that can bring back some child hood memories, or a show that would suit them.

Some parts in the entertainment business mainly aim for children to be amazed by what they’re watching. The producers do their best to ensure that the viewers are enjoying what they’re watching.

Back in the old days, animation was one of the most amazing things for the viewers to experience–an artist’s talent in drawing.

The artists back in the day made sure that the animation had great quality. They would know how to create humor that wasn’t so low brow for the viewers to enjoy.

Though if a child is ever bored, or exhausted from playing a few outside activities with their friends all day, those kids who want to relax and not do anything else for the rest of the day find a way to stay occupied in front of the television without doing any work.

What parent wouldn’t want their children to relax and sit on the couch, turn on the television, and find some cartoons for them to watch keeping them from being bored for the rest of the day?

Viewers have their own opinion of shows that they seem to enjoy or it just seems to be interesting to them, some of these reviews may be good or bad. Either way, cartoons are there for the entertainment of its viewers.