Snapchat streaks storm Utica

Snapchat streaks storm Utica

The younger generations are glued to their phones and Snapchat streaks are not helping the problem. On the application Snapchat, one can start a “streak” with someone else by sending them Snapchats everyday.

“I’m more likely to answer a Snapchat from my friends than a text message,” senior Camryn Smith said. “Now if the text is from my mom, I will answer that immediately.”

After consecutive days of Snapchatting, an emoji specific to streaks appears next to the person’s name accompanied by a number indicating the length in days of the streak. Other emojis appear next to names to mark things like being best friends, being each other’s number one best friend, having mutual best friends, or being someone’s best friend when they aren’t yours. These emojis can be changed and customized by every user.

“I like the emojis a lot,” sophomore Jacob Joesph said, “but i wish there was one to show that someone is on your best friends [list] when you aren’t on theirs.”

Some people have maybe one or two streaks, while others could have upwards of 30 or 40. Some people say that having streaks helps keep them accountable for answering Snapchats.

“I have 48 Snapchat streaks,” junior Madison Mosher said. “It depends on who the person is, or whether I’m friends with them if I snap back. I’m more likely to answer a Snapchat if someone Snapchats me first.”

The pressure of keeping all of their streaks can be a hard burden to bear for some. This burden can put an unnecessary strain on friendships.

“Keeping streaks is pretty important to me,” senior Kelsey Rife said. “The higher the streak, the more serious I take it.”

Even though streaks can be annoying to keep up, it’s one way to make sure to stay in touch with friends everyday. Trends are changing constantly, so, for the moment, many people have Snapchat, and for now, Snapchat streaks are a must-have between friends.