‘Night of the Living Dead’ hits the stage

Comedic musical features karate rangers, geishas, zombie chorus


Brains, brains! Blood, killer vocals, and gory celebrities.

The spookiest show to rock the Utica stage this year, “Night of the Living Dead,” was also one of the most comedic.

Combining upbeat music and zombies, it told the tale of creative musical-writer, Kerry, and her more practical-minded counterpart, Casey, as they unearthed the mystery of why dead celebrities are suddenly rising from the grave. After coming upon an old farmhouse, Kerry and Casey meet others who aid them in exposing the real reason celebrities are coming back from the dead with a hunger for human brains, and discovered a shocking conspiracy concerning copyrights by The Entertainment Industry.

In addition to Kerry and Casey, portrayed by junior Claire Decker and sophomore Keera Wyckhuys, “Night of the Living Dead” also featured well-known names such as Mickey Mouse as well as zombie versions of Michael Jackson and Mozart. During casting, each role was carefully selected by the directors senior Matti Burtka and junior Megan Pawenski with input by producer Joel Kaczmarczyk and assistant producer Billy Mathis.

The musical made its debute on Thursday the 27, with two other showings the following Friday and Saturday.