March Madness. Sour Sixteen Brackets

March Madness is here once again. This beautiful time of year gives fans hope for their team and their bracket. However, it brings heartbreak to broken brackets and losing teams. Anything can happen in March Madness, which makes it must-watch television experience.

“I was excited to see MSU get in,” principal Thomas Lietz said, “and Michigan had crazy good games, as well.”

This year brings a very familiar group of favorites such as Kansas, Kentucky, Duke, Gonzaga, and the defending champs, Villanova.

“I feel like Villnova is going to repeat, but I feel like Michigan has a chance, as well,” sophomore Colin Fox said.

In most people’s brackets, these teams are going as far as the Sweet-Sixteen and even further.

However, teams who are highly seeded have a tradition of losing early in the tournament. Last year, a 2-seeded Michigan State fell in the first round to a 15-seeded Middle Tennessee State.

“I feel like upsets are very possible because anything can happen all the time during the madness,” sophomore Jacob Joseph said.

Traditionally in March Madness, there is the famous Cinderella Team. A Cinderella team is a team whose odds are staked against them, and they push through the adversity. Cinderella Teams are what makes March Madness “must-watch TV” and always give fans a reason to cheer for a team.

“Cinderella Teams are very inspiring teams to watch because they shock the world,” junior Gjon Gjonaj said.

March Madness gives everyone a team to root for and can shock the world.