Girls varsity basketball team prepare for promising season

The girls varsity basketball team started practice the first week of November.

During practice, the seniors try to give pointers to their new teammates. The team works together to help each other out, and they have team dinners to bond before every game.

    “The seniors try to help out the younger classmen,” senior Peyton Lombardo said.

    The team practices every day after school until 4:30. During practice, they form a circle, and different seniors lead the warm-ups each day. When they are off season, the girls do conditioning to keep themselves in shape.

    “I push myself to do it,” sophomore Paige Spinale said. “It is just a passion for me.”

    The team has played four games so far this season, and they have lost 3 of them. Even though the girls are not having the best season so far, they are still playing to the best of their ability and remain optimistic for the rest of the season.

    “I always want to be the best I can be,” sophomore Cierra VonZittwittz said.