UHS Success story posters catch student’s attention

Walking the halls of Utica High, students may notice two “Utica Success Story” posters. They chronicle the high school and college statistics of successful Utica alumni. The idea behind these postings came from principal Janet Jones.

“I got the idea by seeing a similar idea being used at some of the other schools,” Jones said. “I hope to put college into focus for students.”

Jones’ plan to bring college into students’ minds seems to have been effective.

“The posters made me think of my future in a more academic mindset,” junior Robert Syfert said.

The alumni featured are physician assistant Allison Zents and Nick Perreault, a reporter for CBS News.

“I feel surprised how my career was able to evolve from high school to my now second TV station,” Perreault said.

Perreault has reported for NBC and ABC affiliate TV Stations WEEK/WHOI in Peoria, Ill.

“Keep your mind open to other careers and schools. When you’re in high school, you can afford to venture into other subjects,” Perreault said. “It won’t always be easy, and you may disagree with people you work with, but stick with it. It’ll get better.”

Teacher Stacy Smale designed the success story posters, and was excited to see them posted in the hallways.

“The posters can be inspiring to students who want to pursue certain careers,” Smale said.