Late practice times affect student hockey players’ grades

The ice hockey team has high expectations this season after finishing with a 14-5-3 record last year. With all of their starters returning for the upcoming season, the bar is set even higher. The same cannot be said about players’ grades.

The team doesn’t get much time for school work, especially with practice ending at 11 p.m. every day.

“I have a lot of work sometimes. I start homework at 11:30,” junior Jacob Landenberger said, “and I can’t get it all done.”

Other players, like senior David Labash, don’t allow practice to interfere with their homework.

“It doesn’t affect my school work,” Labash said. “I just get really tired every morning.”

            There are obvious problems with the late practices, but the team chose to practice so late at night. Players voted to hold the practice at this time. One of the main reasons was that the ice time was cheaper.

             Players decided that practices held before school might have had an even greater effect on the their school work. As is, most of the student athletes manage their time well enough to get their school work done.

           “All we can do is hope that all of their hard work and dedication reflects on the ice,” sophomore Jacob Kern said.