Students announce at Baseball games

Students announce at Baseball games

As the new season begins for the baseball team, some changes are made for the home games. This year the coaches decided to have students get more involved with the games. This year, students are announcing the home games.

Students announcing at these games can gain benefits with their social and speaking skills. It also allows them to get involved with school activities.

“We prefer to have student announcers because it gives the games a better atmosphere” coach Mark Moehlig said. “The announcers get excited when one of their friends makes a great play, which makes it fun for the crowd and the team.”

These students announce at all of the Varsity home games. There are four students that were chosen to do this. They alternate each home game to announce, two announcers at each game.

“I heard about announcing at the games through Moehlig,” junior Reagan Richardson said. “I wanted to help out and even get more involved with the school.”

Baseball isn’t the only team that has student announcers at their games. In the past, some students announced at hockey games too.

“Announcing at the hockey game was an interesting, tough experience,” senior Ethan Cartwright said. “It gave me a major insight on announcing in the big leagues. It’s not easy but I would like to do it as a job if I could.”

The student involvement can also help bring in crowds especially when the announcers create an entertaining atmosphere.

“Having peers as our announcers helps motivate the team to play better,” senior Blake Sheridan said. “It makes us excited to play and the crowd excited to watch the games.”