Binge Drinking. Students use spring break as an excuse to legally drink.

Binge Drinking. Students use spring break as an excuse to legally drink.

Spring break can be the best memory of high school – if you can remember it.

Many students travel to countries where the drinking age is 18. Some use this to their advantage and binge drink through out their spring break. While this is legal, we believe this is not how a senior should spend their spring break.

The effects of alcohol prevent a person to actually enjoy and remember how great their spring break was. There is no reason to be in a foreign country full of new and exciting things and spend your time killing your liver.

As high school students, not many can say they go out of the country regularly. So binge drinking over break can ruin your memory of a wonderful place you are visiting.

We believe that students ruin their experience of spring break by drinking. It leads to incompetent decisions and can lead to bad scenarios.

Students should keep their future in mind and how a small decision can lead to a lifetime struggle.

When a person binge drinks it affects their bodies and minds. The process of decision making is weakened so a bad decision can sound like a good one.

So is legally having a drink okay? We believe it is. However, when these students decide to binge drink over break, it is not a good idea.

A large reason for this sudden binge drinking is peer pressure. For the past few years senior students have been bragging about their experiences over break. It seems that these stories encourage the current seniors to top that.

Also, the main thing people talk about after spring break is how much they drank and what they did when they were drunk.

This brings the controversial topic of legal drinking age into view. The fight is whether or not the drinking age should be lower.

The state government is in charge of what the drinking age is. However, the federal government has the right to with hold funding for roads if a state lowers the age.

Many people argue that the drinking age should be lowered because at the age of 18 you qualify as an adult, can buy tobacco products, and be drafted for the army.

We believe that at the age of 18 is still too young. A person’s brain is still developing. The effects of alcohol can ruin this development.

The amount of things that can go wrong are astronomical. Especially in another country.

The idea of spring break many times blinds the fact that these students are in a whole other country with different laws. They do not consider the consequences that could happen.

For example, Mexico is a very common destination for spring breakers. The legal drinking age there is 18.

Many students stay in a resort, but they are unaware of the dangers around the resort. There are high levels of crime such as human trafficking. This terrifying idea is seemingly pushes aside just because of the partying and drinking.

Spring break is a time to have fun and experience new things. We think everyone who can should go somewhere and have a good time. However, it is not a time to binge drink your vacation away. We want you to remember one of the best moments of your senior year and make the best of it.