Cyber Bullying. The easiest, most hurtful way to bully someone.

Cyber bullying is one of the most popular and controversial topics of the past few years. Everyone has been involved with it one way or another, whether they’ve been bullied themselves or they were bullying others.
When someone logs in to an internet account, they put on a mask of anonymity that allows them to do whatever they wish, with no consequences. This is a terrifying thought.
The internet, however good you deem it, has many negative uses when given to the wrong people. Although we try to cover it up, there are still people out there trying to ruin the good things we have.
Cyber bullying isn’t something restricted to children; it happens with people of all ages. Easy internet access makes it a popular venue for picking on others.
Cyber bullying isn’t going to stop unless we come together to stop it. The authorities can’t go and arrest every bully on the internet. But if everyone were to come together and condemn the people who do it, then just maybe we might overcome this terrible trend.
Not only does cyber bullying create psychological damage for people, it that can lead to physical damage as well. Some bullying victims channel their anger and frustration into violence, either hurting themselves or taking it out on others.
The amount of people who harm themselves as a result of being bullied is unreal, from cutting to suicide. Then there is the flipside, when victims decide to hurt others. We’ve heard this story before, in nearly every school shooting story.
While Michigan actually has a law against bullying, it does not cover cyber bullying. However, the law does protect you from electronic harassment. This means that unless a person is threatening you, authorities can’t intervene. Fourty-nine states have anti-bullying laws, but only eighteen of them mention anything about cyber bullying.
Michigan is in the movement to start preventing cyber bullying, thanks to Kevin Epling. He started a campaign for his son, who committed suicide after being hazed. The campaign has made it through the senate, and will hopefully soon be being enacted upon.
The amount of teen suicides and teens being cyber bullied are strongly linked, which shows how online bullying hurts and effects people. Not only is cyber bullying hurtful, it also shows cowardice.
People who have nothing better to do than sit on the computer and put people down all day are absolutely disgusting. The fact that it is acceptable to do this in today’s society is shocking and frightening.
Cyber bullying can range from rude commenst on Facebook to a mean text message. That’s why it is so dangerous; anyone can do it or be attacked by it. Cyber bullying has no limits.