156 PIXX: Music appreciation podcasts mix tunes with thoughts and humor

Room 156 may look like a typical classroom by day, but after school, it’s turned into a broadcast studio, where students who share teacher Todd Koehn’s passion for music produce monthly podcasts.

The group, 156 PIXX INC., regularly uploads podcasts to the group’s website, 156pixxinc.com. The site contains all of the podcasts produced to date, as well as news from around the world. Koehn’s podcast group started out as a writing club. Students would write music reviews for albums, artists, and songs. When the writing wasn’t panning out as students had hoped, the group decided to create podcasts, instead. The original idea came from senior Alexander Capizzi, and the first podcast aired on Oct. 24, 2013.
“Every kid loves music,” Koehn said. “That is how they can express themselves, other than the clothes they wear.”

Students provide all of the ideas to produce the show. They write reviews, talk on the air, edit podcasts and create YouTube videos. Junior Stephen Baird is the editor in charge of the podcasts.

“I like to stay behind the scenes,” Baird said. “I’m only as good as the recording I get.”

Recording is only the beginning of the podcast process. Students have learned how to write scripts, use recording technology, edit content, and upload a finished podcast.

“I love music,” junior Chris Merrill said, “and it seemed like a good way to meet new people who feel the same way.”

To date, the group has produced eight podcasts.

You can listen to and download episodes from 156 PIXX at 156pixxinc.podomatic.com