Class of 2014 celebrates senior week

Every year, it is tradition that seniors collectively celebrate, and some mourn, their departure from high school for the final time. The week before prom, the seniors traditionally take part in senior week, organized by student counsel.
“We do it to celebrate the seniors last week here,” student council president and senior Peyton Lombardo said, “but also to reflect on the past three years at Utica.”
The week starts off with bagels at 6:45 in the cafeteria and “Senior” Citizen Day. Students should dress like senior citizens or their grandparents.
Also, some teachers often dress up as students or develope the mannerisms of students for the day. More specifically seniors with senioritis.
Tuesday will be Girls Hush Day. All day long until the bell, no talking for the ladies.
“My girlfiend, Bailee, never stops talking,” senior David LaBash said. “It’s bad. Really bad. She’ll never make it.”
Immediately following Girls Hush Day, it is only fair that we have a Boys Hush Day. The tradition is the same, the guys will spend the whole day not talking to any girls.
“D.J. could never do that. He’ll break,” senior Bailee Hall said. “There’s no way he could go the whole day without talking to me.”
Thursday is Senior Shirt Day. Some will make their own shirts or you may wear a varsity sport shirt or jacket. If you made a white senior shirt for spirit week you might consider wearing that.
Friday is Black and Orange day or more simply, chieftain pride day. Black and Orange Utica apparel is available in the chieftain express.
Despite it being senior week, many sophomores and juniors choose to participate in the events this week as well. The juniors also see this week as a celebration for “kicking out” the seniors and claiming that Utica High is now their house.
On this day, there is sure to be lots of body paint so don’t wear nice clothes, especially if you’re a sophomore or junior chanting “This is our house!” It isn’t and the seniors have been called merciless and will cover you in paint.