Unnecessary “F” bombs

Cameron Smale

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On my way to second hour last week, I overheard a student say the “F” bomb four times in the same sentence. “Wow,” I thought to myself. “What a classy lady.” My next thought was, “Is that really necessary?” The next day I decided to run a little experiment in between class time.

This experiment basically consisted of me walking in the hallways, listening for how many times I heard the “F” bomb. By the time the fourth hour bell rang, I was fed up. My official count was up to 47. Do you know what this means? A typical student could hear around 90 “F” bombs in a single school day–and that doesn’t include any other “colorful” vocabulary we hear along the way, either.

I’m not trying to be the person to make another failing attempt to “make the school more friendly,” or be a good example for others (which no one would listen to, anyway). I’m trying to make a point that you don’t have to say, “Oh my loving God, like what the love, she has loving problems!” Of course I’m replacing students’ “special word” with “love,” but you get the point.

If anyone reading this is offended about my opinion, then sue me. Using the “F” bomb is not attractive, it lengthens your sentences (which wastes time), and it’s not cool–just in case anyone thought it was.

This article probably won’t make a huge difference, if there’s a difference at all, but it should be known that we are not cool for talking in slang, and we aren’t all SoundCloud rappers. There’s no point in using the “F” bomb because you can either replace the word, or not say it at all.