Senior parking lot eliminated

Parking is now ‘first come, first served’ due to recent changes in school policy

When parking passes were issued this year, students quickly realized there was no longer a distinction between senior and junior parking lots. The lot that was previously known as the ‘senior lot’ behind the school was now open to all students with a permit, due to changes in the parking policy.
Administration made the decision over the summer, declaring the main parking lot open to all students. Basically, all parking spots became first come, first served.
“The change was made to improve attendance in first hour,” Security Specialist Henry Piechowski said. “It’s actually working, too.”
Parking spaces tend to fill up quickly in the mornings, and in order to get a decent parking spot, students admit to waking up earlier.
“I used to wake up around 6:30 in the morning,” senior Trevor Harrison said. “Now I feel like I need to wake up at six just to be able to park.”
Showing up to school a few minutes before first hour and finding open parking was never a big deal for the seniors, who were almost always guaranteed a close parking spot. This year, seniors must arrive earlier, as juniors are also searching for open parking.
“The younger students should know the struggle of having to walk every morning from the junior lot,” senior Nick Fortin said, referring to the lot across the street. “Seniors earned the main parking lot.”
Seniors are disappointed they do not have the chance to call the back parking lot their own.
“I think it’s unfair because last year we had to park in the junior lot,” senior Joe Narra said. “Now we lost our lot to this year’s juniors.”
Most juniors, however, believe the change was a positive one.
“I like the fact that juniors can park in the main lot now,” junior Arjun Mungian said, “because it’s easier and faster to get into the building before school.”
Others sympathize with the seniors.
“I’m actually glad that everyone is allowed to park in the main parking lot this year,” sophomore Zachary Cox said, “At the same time, I feel bad that the seniors got that opportunity taken away from them.”
As Michigan’s winter moves in, most juniors and seniors agree the fight for a closer parking space will be even harder.