Homecoming guest passes available in the office

Colin Gollish, Online Reporter

Applications for guest passes are available for the Homecoming dance in the main office until Wednesday, Sept 25. If a student plans on bringing a friend or family member that does not go to Utica, a guest pass is required for that person to attend.

There are only a limited amount of guest passes, so students are encouraged to turn in an application as soon as possible to avoid any complications. Guest passes will be denied for people in ninth grade or below, as well as people aged 21 or older.

“Since there is only a certain amount of room for guests to attend, in past years a few students have been denied passes when they have tried to turn their passes in last minute,” principal Tom Lietz said. “Students that have recent problems in school, like suspensions, also have a possibility of being denied a pass.”

Anyone with an approved guest pass is also required to have a ticket to be able to get into the Homecoming dance. Tickets are currently on sale during lunch for $25.

Some students see the guest passes as a great opportunity to bring friends and family that don’t go to the school or introduce them to what Utica is like, while getting more people involved with Homecoming.

“I plan on using a guest pass to bring a friend with me to homecoming,” senior Selina Rivera said. “It is a great idea for the school to be able to reach out and get more people involved with school activities like this.”

The dance will take place on Saturday, September 28, at 7:30 p.m.