JVA soccer leaves nothing to chance in season opener

Ethan Smale, Online Reporter

At the first game of the season, the JVA soccer team succeeded in taking a big win away from Warren Mott, with a mercy of 8-0.

A rule in soccer is that when a team is up by 8 points, it’s a mercy, and the game automatically ends. This is exactly what the JVA soccer team did in their first game of the season against Warren Mott. It was an especially momentous win because it was the very first official game ever played on Swinehart’s new turf.

By halftime, the score was 6-0, and coach Joe Agosta pulled the team to the side to discuss strategy.

“Pass the ball around, play quality soccer, but don’t get to 8 points so we can play longer,” Agosta said.

Not long after halftime, the final two goals were scored and the game had ended.

“I felt good because it was my first game playing forward for four years and I had scored two goals,” sophomore Jaren Goldsmith said.

The boys looked forward to the rest of their season as they looked to repeat that game again.