Utica vs Eisenhower basketball


Utica’s possession vs Eisenhower

Paul Disho, Reporter

Utica’s varsity basketball team versed rival Eisenhower high school on Dec. 13 in their second game so far this season. Utica won the game convincingly with a score of 62-47. Utica is now 2-0 so far this season, with still a promising and long season to come.

“That was a fun game,” junior Sebestian Soriano said, “We played hard, and as a team so we got the win against a good team.”

The game was never really close, as the chieftains were in control for most of the game.
“We wanted to win this game convincingly against our rival team,” junior Ali Hassan said, “This will probably be the biggest win of the season for us.”

Utica has started off the season impeccably, having no losses so far. The team decided to set the tone for the season by beginning it strongly. This stamina showed throughout the past two games. This energy needs to stay consistent throughout the season to truly imitate all that the Utica High School basketball team stands for.

“If we play like this every game,” Soriano said, ” and keep working hard, we are a very dangerous team and we can possibly get to the playoffs and possibly win the championship.”