Utica’s final basketball game


Paul Disho, Reporter

Utica’s varsity basketball team played their final game on Mar 8th for this season.  The game was played against Troy high school, and the final score of the game was 66-51 with Utica failing to capture the victory. This was their first loss of the tournament after winning their first game against Ford high school.

“It was a tough game,” junior Sebestian Soriano said, “We felt like we could have won but Troy played better than us and deserved the win.”

Utica trailed most of the game against Troy, never really finding their Rhythm from the last game.

“I was a not very disappointed with how the season went,” Soriana said, “We tried our hardest, went to practice and improved as a team.”

Some on the team view this season as a improvement but others had one goal, to win the championship.

“It was a disappointing season,” junior Ali Hassan said,” We wanted to win the championship this year, and we failed our goal.”

Some Utica players are already looking forward for the next years basketball season, in hopes of trying to improve as a team and possibly going further in the tournament.

“I’m excited for next season,” Soriano said, “I’m going to try and get better, and hopefully next season we can improve and hopefully go further in the tournament and win a state championship.”

Even though the season did not end in their favor, the team carried a strong and motivated outlook which is what matters most. The team has the ability to strive towards a better season next time and hold the same values in order to have a successful team.