Staff Members and Slang Words


Ashlin Hurry , Reporter

Over the past couple of years, slang words have been used between friends and on social media. Slang is a type of language that is too creative to use in certain situation that close groups of people use when communicating.

Slang words are like code words that are held to an informal nonstandard that have a meaning for the common things that are relevant to today. Teenagers use slang the most as short cuts or a way to talk about things without certain people understanding. Most parents, elders, and even some teachers don’t understand what the slang words mean, or more importantly why we even use them. “It bothers me when they use it in their writing,” teacher Melissa Kevonian said. “They use a lot of abbreviations as if they’re texting, or they use informal language.”


Since vocabulary is always growing and school, especially English class, is important, some teachers can find slang annoying or difficult to work around. Regardless of slang being looked down upon by some, teens will still be using and creating new words. “I think every generation has their own thing and that’s okay,” Kevonian said, “just keep it out of job interviews and formal essays.”

Check out this link to watch some of the Utica Staff being asked about slang words on Youtube:

(14) Do Utica’s Teachers Know Gen Z Slang? – YouTube