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Classic vs New Horror Movies

Val Roberts
Mr. Sader holding a DVD of The Exorcist
senior Adi Catarino holding a DVD of The Evil Dead

Horror movies are a widely discussed topic. Whether you like new ones or old ones, low budget or high budget or even lasher or psychological, horror movies are a great way to get in the fall spirit. Horror movies can be thrilling, suspenseful, and even a little scary.

when it comes to horror movies, some people are all about new horror movies with their cutting-edge special effects and modern twists while others have a soft spot for the classics and experiencing the origins of the horror genre of film.

“The newer ones are more graphic, and they give more backstory and it’s not just like random screaming out of nowhere.” junior Carmen Wilder said, “with older horror movies, nobody really knows what’s going on and there’s just no context.”

“The classics aren’t really scary but that’s because the effects aren’t as good because they were made back in the 80s and 90s” senior Adi Catarino said, “but if you’re looking for a phycological horror movie then a lot of those are pretty good.”

“All the old movies look sort of crappy and pixelated” junior Charles Pagano said.

But, there are some who prefer classic horror movies over newer ones.

“I’m more into the classics you know” senior Kitana Juarez said, “the actors are better in the classics. ”

“All the new horror movies are just thrillers” sophomore Evan Kelly said, “I don’t think they’re actual horror movies.”

Another debate in horror movies is if a higher or lower budget makes a horror movie good.

“The creativity is usually higher on the low budget ones, but the effects and pizazz are a lot higher on the high budget ones” senior Adi Catarino said, “so it just depends on what I’m in the mood for.”

“When you get higher quality,” junior Carmen Wilder said, “they look more put together than lower budget films where there isn’t really a plot.”

“As long as it’s good I don’t really care if the budgets like low or high” senior Kitana Juarez said.

“I think the low-quality ones are actually really good” sophomore Evan Kelly said, “because you can tell that they were trying more.”


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Val Roberts
Val Roberts, Reporter
Val is a senior at Utica and this is their first year on staff. In their free-time, Val likes getting new clothes, going to concerts and spending time with friends and family. Val is drawn to anything music related and is an aspiring musician. Val loves to experiment with their appearance and try to be creative with self expression.
Natalie Campeau
Natalie Campeau, Reporter
Natalie Campeau is a sophomore at Utica High School. This is her first year in journalism. Natalie joined this class because she has always loved writing. She is also very into drumming and music. When Natalie has free time, she enjoys listening to music, playing video games, and occasionally writing poems. She listens to a big variety of music such as metal, Taylor Swift, and 21 Savage. Natalie loves her friends endlessly and enjoys hanging out with them whenever she can.

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