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Prom Dress Shopping

Students are excited about dressing up for Prom 2024, Many students will start dress shopping months in advance to find the perfect dress for their preferences.

“I’ve been thinking of going to prom, it’s a once in a lifetime experience. As for dresses I’m thinking of either a nice black dress or an olive green. because I really like those colors on me,” senior Lizareli Gomez said. “I’m not a big fan of slim fitting dresses or puffy dresses, an in between is generally my style.”

“Dresses I usually like are slim bodycon dresses with floral patterns including black and red,” senior Avianah Weirauch said. “Prom is very special, so I decided to get my dress personally made for me.”

Some students will be getting handmade or altered dresses, so they are a perfect fit. Senior Molly Collette decided to get a vintage prom dress that matches their personal style which took months to find.

Molly Collette’s 1950’s prom dress


“I did tons of research to find this dress, I used multiple apps like Etsy, Depop, and eBay, I probably looked at 500+ dresses but this one caught my eye,” senior Molly Collette said. “It’s also tough because vintage dresses are expensive since they are rare and the older it is, the more expensive it is. So, I had to find a vintage dress with a decent price. The dress I chose is from the 1950’s. I looked at multiple decades from 1920-1990 until I found my favorite style, I’ve worn vintage dresses for every homecoming which caused me to realize I absolutely had to have one for prom.”

Meanwhile, many students also wanted practicality when it came to their prom dress choices. Wanting solid-colored dresses that they could wear even after prom was over.

“I’d personally avoid dresses that have lots of glitter and are super bright, senior Kaitlyn Pace said,” Simple colors that aren’t super out there are my personal choice.” “This year is special since it will be my first and last prom.

“My prom dress is simple with nothing bright; I love this because I can wear it in the future without having to worry if it is too bright or prom dress looking,” senior Kitana Juarez said. “I prefer slim fitting dresses with small ruffles towards the bottom.”

I’m liking many black or sage green dresses this year,” senior Ava Chapton said, “I’m definitely more of a slim dress person.”

“I’m planning on going to prom this year. Dresses I find beautiful would be really classy, elegant looking ones I’m looking for a black pattern less dress,” senior Sierra Lamphier said, “A silky slim fit dress is what I’m looking for.”

Prom Takes place during the end of the school year, meanwhile many students started shopping for dresses months in advance to make sure they found a dress they absolutely loved.

“I’ve already started looking for dresses in January, preferably wine red with no specific patterns,” senior Samantha Stolzenfeild said, “Whatever catches my eye I’d be interested no matter the brand. Especially for prom I feel that puffy or flowy dresses are more appropriate.”

“I’m excited for prom, I’ve been looking at dresses however I’m not sure just yet, I’ve been looking not shopping, I’m not sure about patterns or colors,” senior Anela Babovic said, “Whatever dress catches my attention is what I’ll go with.”

“I’m liking the look of green long spaghetti string dresses. Dark green and maybe satin or glittery is what I’m going for,” senior Stephanie Bartlett said.

Every student has their own preferences when it comes to dresses ranging from poufy, to slim fitting, and even mermaid dresses with poufy bottoms and skinny tops, some even prefer sleeves on their dresses.

“I would really like to find a purple dress. I like simple slim fitting dresses,” senior Alexis Pokley said.

“I’ve been thinking about wearing a dark blue dress, personally I think that poufy dresses look better on me,” senior Maddie Frescura said.

“Mermaid style dresses look gorgeous on me. I’m hoping to get a satin or glittery dress with neutral colors that is slim fitting,” senior Allison Polk said.

“I haven’t been looking for a particular dress. However, I’m interested in a long cool tone dress with long sleeves. I don’t really care as long as I look good in the dress,” senior Kenadi Hazen said.

“Tight fitting dresses in colors like forest green, maroon, and navy blue really catch my eye,” senior Emma Clark said.

From practical dresses, modern styles, and even dresses from 74 years ago. All dresses hold sentimental value. Dress shopping for Prom is very meaningful.







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