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Seven Grandfathers teachings, Embracing Native American culture throughout the school

Majority of the staff votes that it is beneficial to introduce the Seven Grandfathers teachings and embrace the Chieftain.
Larry Nelson III

Bringing the teachings of the Seven Grandfathers into our school has seemed to be a controversial topic, however the staff agrees that it will be beneficial for many reasons.

Having the Chieftain as our mascot, it is important that we all know the origin of it and do what is in order to honor the name. The Chieftain is a term of honor and respect in Native American culture.

Native American’s also live by a set of rules or morals called the teachings of the Seven Grandfathers. Utica has decided to adopt these teachings and educate all of it’s staff and students on Native American culture. This is beneficial because everyone should want to honor the origin of their mascot and pay respect where it is due.

Honoring the Chieftain is also beneficial because instead of shying away from it and looking towards the block U, we are embracing it. This teaches an important lesson to many of the students here to always educate themselves on topics before blindly using them in everyday life. It also teaches them to honor and respect others beliefs and cultures.

Bringing the Seven Grandfather Teachings into Utica teaches kids to be more accepting and open minded to all kinds of people and beliefs. Bringing in these teachings is giving kids a sense of respect and encourages the sharing and learning of other cultures. This is an important lesson, especially in today’s society, because everyone could use a little more kindness and acceptance.

Each one of the teachings are important in their own as well. Each teaching corresponds with a trait that everyone should aspire to embody.

The turtle represents truth. It is important for all people to be truthful and embody this trait. Telling the truth and being an honest person is important, especially in school. Teaching the importance of truth is beneficial for students learning. Lying and cheating through work will not get you anywhere, but telling the truth about where you’re at with the content will help you grow.

The Buffalo represents respect. It is important for student to embody respect, not only for staff, but for each other. In an environment where we all respect each other, we can all grow together.

The Sabe represents honesty. It is important to be honest with yourself and others. Being honest with yourself can help you grow and expand your learning. Being honest with others can also help strengthen relationships and build trust.

The Wolf represents humility. It is important to be humble and stay grounded. Getting too ahead of yourself can end up hurting you and others. Being humble will help you connect with others and see the world from more than one perspective.

The Beaver represents wisdom. Students should work towards embodying this trait and always be willing to learn more. Taking in as much information as you can is beneficial for your future and your health.

The bear represents courage. Everyone should try to have courage. This trait can help to over come fears big and small.

The Eagle represents love. We should all share love with each other and work toward being more compassionate.

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About the Contributors
Gracie Wetherington
Gracie Wetherington, Editor-in-Chief
Gracie is a senior and this is her third year on the Arrow staff. She attended the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association's journalism camp at MSU over the summer and is returning as this year's Editor-in-Chief. She is very academically motivated and stays on top of her grades. Gracie can also be very social and likes to hang out with friends after school, go out to movies, and other things just to get out of the house. As well as holding down a job at a senior living home, which she really enjoys.
Larry Nelson III
Larry Nelson III, Reporter
Larry is a junior at Utica High and is attending his first year on the staff. He spends his home time drawing and animating. Whether it be on paper or computer, Larry loves bringing his imagination to life. It's been his dream to turn his art skills into a career. "I aspire to inspire," is Larry's motto.

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