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Hi, Barbie. The record-breaking movie has taken over social media and current trends, but does it live up to its hype?

The majority of the staff voted that the Barbie movie was not over-hyped.
Larry Nelson III

The “Barbie” movie broke records as this year’s biggest opening weekend, beating out “Oppenheimer” and is the highest grossing movie by a female director ever. Everyone was going to see “Barbie” in theatres, but many are debating whether or not it lived up to the anticipation.

Barbie was very nostalgic for so many people, and the movie reminded us of memories we forgot we had. With references to common experiences like “weird Barbie” and the problematic, discontinued Barbies we all had as kids like Midge and Barbie video girl, there was something for be in competition with each other. “Barbie” teaches us to start embracing other women instead of judging them. Instead of living to impress men, live to impress yourself and inspire other women. The character Sasha in the movie even says, “Everyone hates women. Men hate women and women hate women. It’s the one thing we can agree on”

“Barbie” also has a good message for men’s health. When Ken comes back from the real world with a very narrow idea of what is and is not masculine, he demonstrates in the Barbie world the ideas of toxic masculinity everyone to reminisce.

Barbie had so many amazing messages while still being hilarious. Making us cackle and cry all at once, Barbie left many thinking about mother-daughter relationships, judging others, feminism, the patriarchy, self reflection, stereotypes, unfair standards for women, and so much more. “Barbie” shows a mirrored view to real world society where women hold all positions of power and are the and men always feeling pressure to prove their dominance. Which, in the end only hurts themselves and others. It promotes sexism and turns men against each other. Barbie encourages the Kens to figure out what they enjoy and what makes them happy, outside of being with Barbie.

“Barbie” also pulls at people’s heartstrings everywhere by talking about childhood, growing up, and all the emotions that only ones who are represented as doctors, pilots, etc., while men are only good for being at the beach, looking good, and being with Barbie. Instead of pushing that women are better than men or vise versa, it offers a view point that we do not really think about: how would the world be if women treated men the way men have been treating women for centuries? It is not “man-hating” as some have said; it is simply shedding light on struggles women face every day in the real world through a paradox.

Not only is “Barbie” talking about how men treat women, but also how women treat women–how many women have been conditioned to hate each other and constantly come with being human. The montage where Barbie takes Ruth’s hand and “feels” touches almost everyone’s hearts with the shared feeling of love, friendship, family, and life that only humans get. Barbie talks about how special it is to get to feel as strongly as humans do.

“Barbie” also does a great job of recognizing mental health struggles and stigma around women having to be everything and also nothing all at once. From crippling anxiety Barbie and all over cellulite Barbie to Sasha’s mom’s speech about unrealistic expectations for women, the movie takes the time to recognize these struggles.

Overall, “Barbie” is a very complex movie that does an amazing job touching on important issues in society.

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Gracie Wetherington
Gracie Wetherington, Editor-in-Chief
Gracie is a senior and this is her third year on the Arrow staff. She attended the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association's journalism camp at MSU over the summer and is returning as this year's Editor-in-Chief. She is very academically motivated and stays on top of her grades. Gracie can also be very social and likes to hang out with friends after school, go out to movies, and other things just to get out of the house. As well as holding down a job at a senior living home, which she really enjoys.
Larry Nelson III
Larry Nelson III, Reporter
Larry is a junior at Utica High and is attending his first year on the staff. He spends his home time drawing and animating. Whether it be on paper or computer, Larry loves bringing his imagination to life. It's been his dream to turn his art skills into a career. "I aspire to inspire," is Larry's motto.

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