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Shamrock shakes

What the leprechauns did right.
Gracie Wetherington

Every year when St. Patrick’s Day comes around I am only excited for one thing, Shamrock shakes. They are the highlight of the year. The seasonal drink everyone waits for. Forget Starbucks, forget Dunkin. Shamrock shakes are shaking the nation.

Some people are against Shamrock shakes because when they order a vanilla shake at McDonald’s, they get a hint of mint from the machine being used to make so many Shamrock shakes. Luckily for them, they are only here for a limited time.

The sweetness of the ice cream is just enough to cure that sweet tooth we all have. The refreshing mint flavor gives off a coolness that cannot be beat. Not to mention the beautiful, festive light green color that helps make the drink so iconic. Shamrock shakes have an inimitable taste that no other shake can compare to.

Shamrock shakes also bring the idea of warm weather. Shamrock shakes start to come out at the same time as the sun. They are released around the beginning of spring. With the shakes being released around this time, they inevitably remind everyone of the upcoming summer. Everyone loves summer, therefore everyone loves Shamrock shakes.

These shakes are also a big part of St. Patrick’s day celebrations. They are shared and loved by all ages on St. Patrick’s Day. They are a yearly tradition for families everywhere. St. Patrick’s day would not be St. Patrick’s day without Shamrock shakes.

Shamrock shakes even open up businesses for friendly competition. Different restaurants have different versions of the Shamrock shake and each is unique to their brand. McDonald’s has the most popular Shamrock shake. However, I prefer the Andes’ mint version from Arby’s.

Shamrock shakes are most definitely the highlight of St. Patrick’s day, and even the highlight of the season. Make sure to get your Shamrock shake before they are gone, or you will regret it.


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Gracie Wetherington
Gracie Wetherington, Editor-in-Chief
Gracie is a senior and this is her third year on the Arrow staff. She attended the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association's journalism camp at MSU over the summer and is returning as this year's Editor-in-Chief. She is very academically motivated and stays on top of her grades. Gracie can also be very social and likes to hang out with friends after school, go out to movies, and other things just to get out of the house. As well as holding down a job at a senior living home, which she really enjoys.

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