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Prom Anticipation

Senior event is quickly approaching, and it is all everyone can talk about
Madalynn Scherer
Madalynn Scherer trying on her prom dress

Prom can be one of the most memorable nights of a teen’s life. A night of laughter, dancing, and fun with the people you love. Seniors tell us what their most excited for their prom.

“I’ve been waiting for prom because I cannot wait to be there, have fun and see my friends,” senior Hector Martinez said. “I also hope they play good music for my friends and I to dance to.”After seeing the past themes, everyone is left wondering what the prom themes will be and hope they match for this year’s prom.
“The prom themes the past two years were alright,” senior Graelyn Baumann said. “For this year’s prom I’m hoping for something cool like fairytale or starry night.”
Some are looking for a classy theme.

“I’m going to promwith my boyfriend, Tyler. I’m excited to experience prom before it’s my year to go to prom,” junior Fatimah Walker said. “I hope the theme this year is something fancy and classy because I’ve had my eye on this dress thats long and maroon with a slit and ripples on it. It would fit the theme perfectly.”

Food has been one of the main topics brought up while talking aboutprom, weather it’s what type of food they will have or if it will be better then last year’s.

“I’ve heard mix opinions on the food from past years,” senior Samantha Stolzenfeld said. “I hope they have something good like pasta or chicken, because it’s my favorite.”

Student stress shop for hours over the perfect dress, and seniors Madalynn Scherer and Megan Zamora shared their experiences dress shopping.
“I went dress shopping for days before I found my perfect dress, but when I went with my best friend. She chose a dress for me to try on, and I fell in love,” Scherer said. “It’s light gray with a corset top and flowers embroidered all over. The moment I saw myself in the mirror, I knew I had to buy it.”

Zamora had a similar experience looking for the right dress.
“I went dress shopping at the mall, which took what felt like millions of years to find a dress, but after trying on 20 different dresses I found the perfect one,” Zamora said. “I got a maxi black dress which is super shiny and glittery. Every time a light shines on it, I sparkle. I love it so much.” Some students are looking to match their outfit to the theme.
“I found the tux I want, although haven’t bought it yet,” senior Anthony Nguyen said. “It’s a three-piece back and red suit, so honestly, I am hoping the theme is ‘The Great Gatsby’ because it fits the time period, and it would also be sick to see everyone pull up in glamorous 20s inspired dresses and tuxes.”

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