End of the road

Senior Nick Mason takes fifth at state wrestling tournament

End of the road

This wrestling season was a big one for senior Nick Mason. After posting an incredible 54-6 record this year, Mason took first place at the district meet. After that came counties,where he continued his success and placed second. The last meet before states was the regional, where Mason placed third. According to Mason, this year was different than any other.

“I was more focused and determined than in the past,” he said.

And Mason did just that; after a disappointing loss in the blood round at states last year, Nick returned even stronger this year and finished fifth in the state for the 170 pound weight class.

“My biggest match was my third bloodround,” Mason said. “If I lost that match, I wouldn’t have qualified, so that definitely was my best match.”

Mason has been a four-year varsity wrestler for Utica and along the way has broken all-time school wrestling records in both career reversals, with 101, and season pins with 39. Throughout all four years, Nick racked up a staggering 151 wins, which only three other Utica wrestlers have ever done.

The wrestling program also took first place at the district meet.

“That was easily my most memorable part of the season,” Mason said. “Winning as a team is always the best.”