Liaison officer makes a difference in students’ lives


When most people think of police officers, they think of those in blue uniforms. Shelby Township police officer Jim Malczewski breaks all those barriers, typically wearing Utica gear and a friendly smile.

Known as “Officer Jim,” Malczewski has been the school’s liaison officer for the past four years, working with students that may need some guidance.

“I honestly don’t know how I would’ve made it through high school without Officer Jim,” alumna Shelby Daiek said. “Whenever I had trouble during school with personal things going on, he always put my well being first. As long as I was trying my hardest to be me and not anyone else, he always had my back.”

When Malczewski is not working within the school, he is working at the police station. He was recently involved in the arrest of the Warren murder suspect that made headlines across the state. In a scene that could be played out in theatres, Malczewski located the suspect after a quick Google Maps search and a hunch. With the help of his partner, the suspect was handcuffed in nearby woods.

“I’m glad we have Officer Jim here at Utica,” senior Kayla O’Kray said. “He makes our school very safe.”

Whether it’s tackling more dangerous criminals or helping students make better decisions, and sometimes helping them get out of regrettable situations, Malczewski is always ready to report for duty.

“I don’t enjoy embarrassing or demoralizing students,” Malczewski said. “Whenever someone makes a mistake, I try my best to work with them here at the school. Truly, my heart is to help students out.”

Students respect and appreciate what Malczewski does every day in the line of duty. He does what he can to prevent students from making the wrong choices, whether its in school or outside of school.

“I enjoy having a positive rapport with all the people in the school,” Malczewski said. “Networking has been a tremendous help, especially when it comes to finding people.”

Malczewski is known as a helping hand for students whether someone is in a situation or just wants a piece of advice about anything. He can be seen frequenting the schools cafeteria and walking the halls.

“Officer Jim was such a positive influence and made me a better person all-around,” Daiek said. “He wasn’t a police officer to me; he was like one of my best friends, always looking out for me.”