Weight room training

Athletes condition in the off-season


Reid Bonifas

With a spotter for safety, athletes bench press in the weight room after school.

Athletes have been working to develop a new work ethic, working harder in their off seasons to produce better results while they are in season.

Athletes are able to put in extra work in the weight room because football head coach, Matt Marulli, has kept it open longer.

Now, the weight room is open until at least four p.m., which allows students to work out longer. It also gives the younger kids from the junior highs the ability to work out, giving them a head start in athletic training.

“It allows people who have a busy schedule to still get a workout in,” junior Stone Tanner said.

Many athletes have shown their excitement in the opportunity to better themselves. There is a constant flow of students going in and out of the weight room.

“The longer the weight room is open,” junior Giovanni Dinito said, “the bigger I am going to look.”

Athletes’ attitudes have taken a jump due to more access to training and becoming more confident. Not only is their action in the weight room, but in the frozen tundra, as well.

Track athletes have been preparing themselves by training through the winter months. They run three days a week and do weight exercises.

“It’s not as rigorous as summer,” junior Richard Pinto said, “but it’s more of a challenge due to the weather.”