A full week of auditions for Camp Rock

Nicole Mcmenomay, Social Media Editor

Robyn’s Nest Studios
Dancers work on a song for auditions.

Auditions for the upcoming musical, Disney’s Camp Rock #2, began on Monday and have been proceeding throughout the week. The auditions have been set up to be spaced out over three days, starting with dancing on Monday.

Prospective actors learned a brief section of choreography from one of the songs in the musical, taught by senior and choreographer Gracie Veenstra, while being surveyed by the director and assistant director, seniors Megan Pawenski and Julianne Einkorn.

The second day kicked off vocal auditions, during which the actors sung one of the two songs selected for the auditions, as well as a portion of their own chosen song if asked.

A total of 67 people participated in the vocal auditions on Tuesday, a number that feels larger than usual for regulars of the theatre program.

“I thought everyone did amazing yesterday, and I loved seeing so many people.” Pawenski said.

“I hope anyone new auditioning will be able to find a home in the auditorium, because we’re like a family.”

Wednesday was the final day of formal auditions, and will finish off with acting out predetermined scenes from the musical.

In the application form given out, those interested were able to indicate what characters they feel they would want to read for, although it is up to the directors which people will read for what characters, based off of the first two days of auditions.

Thursday is marked for callbacks and Friday will reveal the cast list as well as being host to a full company call.

In addition, for anyone wishing for a technical position for this show, interviews were held during C lunch as well as after school on Thursday.