The experience that is rap

Ethan Smale, Online Reporter

April 14, 2020

Whether it's at a concert, vibing to it in your car, or even kicked back in your bedroom with your headphones in, music helps us connect to our favorite artist and feel their music on a more personal level. For some, pop, rock,...

17.3 Million people in the United States have experienced depression.
60% of children and adolescents with depression are not getting any type of treatment.
50% of depressed people also have anxiety.
9.4% of adolescents aged 12 to 17 in the United States had at least one major depressive episode with severe impairment.


December 19, 2019

Sticks and stones…

Lauren Kerr, Business Manager

December 19, 2019

The terms “I’m going to kill myself” or “You should go kill yourself” has been used by many teenagers in the last few years. Most people say this as a joke without even realizing it is hurting others around them. This...

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