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Senior John Adkins often wears a hat to school, only to be told to take it off when he arrives.

It’s time to change the outdated hat rule

Ethan Smale, Editor in Chief February 17, 2022

Over my several years in the public education system, I've been told I couldn't wear hats or hoods while in school. Every time I was told this, I was given different reason as to why this was the case....

Has the dress code changed, or are staff members just less strict?

Emily DeClark, Reporter November 5, 2021

Nearly two years ago, principal Tom Lietz was approached by senior (at the time) Mina Viviano to change the dress code. After lots of research had been done, the issue was eventually set aside as COVID-19...

Senior Magan Leitermann can be seen wearing a crop-top, which meets her midriff, but is considered against the current dress code.

Dress code update

Wilhelmina Viviano, Editor February 17, 2020

Possible updates to the dress code were brought to the attention of principal Thomas Lietz late last school year. One student’s concern has started the conversation on change and awareness of the old...

Dress code woes

Wilhelmina Viviano November 26, 2019

"Cover up," the woman at the front desk told me. "You know you're not supposed to wear crop tops to school." Even though I had been dress coded at least 17 times previously--during my junior year alone--I...

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